Chlorine update/Element Failures/Warranties



You will all be aware that Christchurch now has chlorine in its water supply. See my previous web site updates for information on chlorine and its affects on copper brass and stainless alloys, and in fact all metals used in our plumbing systems, it also affects plastics and rubbers to varying degrees and its affects are more pronounced in hot water situation. This is fact not fiction.


There has been a surge in hot water element failures and cylinder failures some elements are failing in a matter of weeks. Rest assured if you have not noticed it the element manufacturers and cylinder manufactures have.  Please note the following, I have been told directly by the element manufactures that they will not be covering there warranties on element failures due to the water conditions in Christchurch, read chlorine in Christchurch.


Plumb Fast advises and offers the following solutions;


1/We advise all our clients that we will not be installing standard elements from now on unless specifically instructed to do so.


2/ We advise that it will be up to the client to pursue warranty claims against the manufacturer and that time and materials will be charged in relation to replacing standard elements. We will not supply elements at no charge in relation to a failure no matter when it was installed.


3/We advise that the only element Plumb Fast will stand behind is the titanium coated element at a cost of 208.00 plus tax, plus installation cost. lf we are instructed to install any other element it will be at the clients risk and cost should that element fail.
Plumb Fast regrets having to take this stance but we cannot be expected to carry the cost of element failures which are beyond its control.


Whilst it has not happened yet, it would be fair to assume that cylinders, valves, tapware and in fact just about all items used in plumbing could yet face similar issues.


Kind regards Glen