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Water Leaks and Burst Pipes Christchurch

Burst pipes and water leaks need to be dealt with quickly. Luckily Plumbfast are experts at locating and repairing water leaks of all kinds. Our skilled plumbers will get there fast and work to the highest standard to ensure all leak repairs are done right the first time.


Depending on the location of the pipe, a water leak can be hard to notice or immediately obvious. Flooding is a clear sign that you have a problem, but pipes can also burst in more out of the way places, such as underneath the house or behind walls. In cases like this you might notice rising damp or cracked spots in paint or wallpaper. 

Burst and leaking pipes have many causes. Mistakes during installation or high water pressure can be enough to make a pipe burst, as can environmental factors like incursion from growing tree roots or freezing water in winter causing pipes to expand. Even pipes that are left in peace eventually start to corrode as time goes on and become more vulnerable to leaking. 

Any kind of leaking is an urgent issue and can lead to serious damage to your home’s structure and contents. It’s best to contact us even if you aren’t sure whether a pipe is the problem or where it’s located. If you know where the closing valve for your water main is (check the street or driveway as it’s usually near the property boundary) then turn this off to prevent further flooding while you are waiting for one of our team to arrive – otherwise we will do this for you as soon as we get there. 

For hidden water leaks, the Plumbfast team has the right equipment and expertise to rapidly locate the problem’s source. We then carry out the repair to a high standard, using the best quality materials to ensure that repairs are done right the first time and built to last. If further repair work or pipe replacement is required, one of our friendly and professional plumbers will take you through your options. 

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