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Chlorine update/Element Failures/Warranties


We now note the Christchurch city council has advised that 90% of Christchurch will be chlorine free by July 2019 and completely chlorine free by September 2019. These dates may not be exact but we acknowledge that the council are moving towards chlorine free water by the end of the year.

There has been a surge in hot water element failures and cylinder failures some elements are failing in a matter of weeks. Rest assured if you have not noticed it the element manufacturers and cylinder manufactures have.  Please note the following, I have been told directly by the element manufactures that they will not be covering their warranties on element failures due to the water conditions in Christchurch, read chlorine in Christchurch.


Plumb Fast advises and offers the following solutions;


1/We are pleased to advise that we are now able to install standard elements if required.


2/ We advise that it will be up to the client to pursue warranty claims against the manufacturer and that time and materials will be charged in relation to replacing standard elements. We will not supply elements at no charge in relation to a failure, no matter when it was installed.


3/We here at Plumbfast still maintain that the titanium coated element at a cost of $208.00 plus tax, plus installation cost, is still a superior element but those standard elements may now be used.


Whilst the council has worked hard to remove chlorine from the water, the damage has been done. Customers should still be aware that hot water cylinders and elements, in particular, will continue to fail faster than expected rate and that issues may still be faced in warranty situations, should a failure occur.


Kind regards,
Glen at Plumbfast